The most commonly asked question we get asked is ‘can I subdivide my land’. For a land owner, the arena of trying to find out if your land can be subdivided is a mine field. Wading through the rules, trying to get answers from Council, and trying to just simply establish can it be done or not. It’s the number one answer needed before you can even start thinking about any other steps.


You can spend hours of frustration trying to work it out yourself, or you can simply send us your address and we will do it for you. FOR FREE! We are assessing sites day after day, so for us we can find the answer really quickly.

Sometimes the answer is a straight out no you can’t. The zoning and Lot size may just simply mean that your land can’t be subdivided. You have nothing to lose by letting us do the detective work for you.


If your property can be subdivided though, then there commonly can be a number of options, from retaining the existing dwelling, or maybe demolishing the dwelling and doing a larger scale development.

As part of this free service, we will provide you with a basic outline of the options you have available. If you decide you would like to pursue subdividing further, then we will set up a call or free initial 1 hour consult meeting by phone or in person with you, and run through the options.

This then leads to the secondly most common question we receive, which is ‘how much will it cost?’ In our initial discussion, we will give you a cost guide. This will arm you with enough detail to make an informed decision whether subdividing will work for you or not, and how to take the next step.


For a no obligation, free assessment, please complete the details in the online form.



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