David Whait is all about providing a personalised service, offering independent advice and giving each and every client the best possible outcome within their financial capacity.  You probably don’t realise how complicated life can become if you are wanting to sub-divide and develop your property.  The red-tape is seemingly endless and what seemed like a good idea at the time can quickly turn into a nightmare.  David has the expertise to take all the hassles out of the process and leave you with a sizeable profit.

David has been investing in property for the last 20 years and has gained a wealth of knowledge in the property industry in that time. He has acquired a Certificate 4 in Mortgage Broking, is a licensed Real Estate Buyers Agent and an active property developer. Alongside all of this, David has 25+ years of sales and business management experience. David’s wealth of knowledge in all of these aspects will help you to access the best processes and outcomes when it comes to your property.

David formed his own company, iDevelop Real Estate WA, so that he can share his success with you. From Land Subdivisions, Triplexes to Apartments his experience in developing these types of projects means you able to access his expertise in your own property development project.  With access to his highly professional network of consultants you are covered for surveying, designs, construction, expert finance, property management, settlement agents and selling agents.

David is passionate about ensuring every client has a successful, enjoyable and stress free project so that you won’t think twice about returning for your future developments. Personalised, friendly and responsive service conducted with pride and passion at the highest level of integrity and honesty are at the forefront of his ‘driving business for tomorrow’ attitude.  This gives you the confidence that you are in safe hands and that iDevelop Real Estate WA will be a formidable ally for your property investments for many years to come.